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11 Jul 2019

The top 5 things to consider when deciding between an Offshore or Onshore Outsourced Service desk.


The decision has been made that there is an appetite to explore outsourcing some or all of your IT service desk functions. You start to explore what options you have available to your business and quite quickly you are faced with the first of many choices when it comes to selecting a perfect partner to augment your support team. Onshore or Offshore.

Cultural limitations

Not understanding the culture of the outsourcing provider and the location where you outsource to may lead to poor communication, misunderstandings when an end user asks for specific support and the agent delivers that support off the script and lower productivity. While service desk agents working for offshore providers are often highly trained, educated and have good English, there can still be a disconnect culturally. Dialect can also be an issue if the client user finds it difficult to understand the service desk agent and can cause frustration.


One of the biggest disadvantages of outsourcing offshore is the risk of losing sensitive data and the loss of confidentiality. Businesses from highly regulated sectors may find that offshore is not an option at all. Consideration also needs to be given to your client’s compliance and GDPR requirements.


If cost savings are the main priority for your business, the offshore service desk will always be the cheapest. These service providers operate in countries with lower salaries and overheads, such as Asia and Eastern Europe. It’s worth noting that outsourcing onshore still offers considerable savings compared to running inhouse, particularly 24×7. At Microtechs we believe the savings to be between 25-50%.


Since the main resource of outsourcing is people, outsourcing service providers focus their attention on recruiting, training and maintaining good people. To embed an outsourced service desk as a business extended IT team is always easier if you can regularly visit. The benefits of spending time with our agents and having the ability for your team assist with any bespoke training and regular client meetings cannot be understated.

Hidden costs

Flights, time away from the business, management time to remotely maintain a relationship and training – some of the additional costs you wouldn’t have if you worked with an onshore provider. Certainly, worth considering as part of your overall decision making.

There are many other considerations for your business as you explore outsourcing support.

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Microtechs 24x7x365 White label support services

Based in Surrey, Microtechs are an established and experienced end user support centre. Our Help desk and NOC experts can monitor your servers and support queue (email, RMM & phone) 24×7 or just as overflow. The Microtechs White Label support service offers a cost effective, 24×7 support option perfect for providers with an expanding customer base.

You may ask yourself:

  • How can I offer support 24/7 without the stress & cost of recruiting and training?
  • How can I free up my team’s time, to enable us to grow the business?
  • How can I improve my bottom line?

Microtechs can help.

Here why;

  • Office hours or 24/7
  • UK based from Guildford, Surrey
  • 1st & 2nd line / NOC and incident management capabilities
  • Ability to learn bespoke applications
  • All white labelled to your brand
  • 25-50% reduction in overheads
  • Pricing from £500 per month
  • Sole traders through to enterprise companies supported

Here’s what our customers have said;

“Using Microtechs to extend the helpdesk capabilities for our organisation has been a very worthwhile venture for us. The transition was very easy and simple, and we have found the Microtechs staff to be both knowledgeable and professional; in their dealings with our clients.”

“My customers receive a polite service and their issues are dealt with quickly and professionally. In short Microtechs provide a courteous, effective and cost-efficient service that enables me to offer my customers 24/7 support without the associated expense.”

It would be great to have a chat with you and understand a little about your business, even if you are not quite ready to outsource.

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